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On Sundays we worship and grow in our faith in small groups.  


Sundays aren't just about the worship service at Christ UMC. Every week we gather together in various groups to grow closer to God and to one another. We believe Christian education is as much in the hands of the people of the church as it is the pastors. As you scroll down this list of classes, we invite you to come and visit any and all that you find interesting. There is something for everyone, and all are welcome here.

Sunday School has moved to the 9:00 and 11:00 hours on Sundays. 

Youth meet during the 11:00 hour, and children's programming is available from 9:00-12:00, and activities vary upon each hour. See below the adult Sunday School classes and what to expect from each of them.

Christ's Kids

We offer multiple Sunday School classes for infants through 5th grade. Each week, they learn in different ways--through dynamic storytelling, art, music, and mission projects. Learn more on our Children's Ministry page.

Contact: Marcie Shelton,


CUMC Youth Sunday School

Our youth group breaks into two Sunday School classes each week--one for middle schoolers and another for our high school students. Together we share in a Bible study and discussion in the youth wing. Learn more by visiting our Youth Ministry page. 

Contact: LE Schmerber,


Adult Bible Study

The Bible is the instruction manual for Christian living.  The Adult Bible Study Class takes an in-depth look at the big picture behind the Bible and the        answers it may hold for us. The discussions are often filled with laughter or even tears, but always love.  Our class meets at 9 a.m. and likes to socialize together outside of class for lunch, movies, plays, etc. We provide emotional support for each other through prayer and friendship.

Contact: Sheila Morris, 



All are welcome in the Cornerstone Class, which meets at 9 a.m. Join us as we study the Bible using David C. Cook's study materials and the direction of the Holy Spirit. The class is comprised of adults ranging in age from early fifties-on. We are a lively group that enjoys fellowship, witnessing, singing, and praying. Contact: Ann Russell,



The Revealers Class meets at 11 a.m., and uses a popular quarterly curriculum based on the Uniform Series, which enables Christians across the globe to study the same scriptures and topics on the same Sundays throughout the year.

Contact: Linda Allen,;

Cathy Branson,



The FROG Class is a dynamic group that focuses in depth on Bible Study, mission projects, and serving one another. Join us on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and enjoy food, fun, and fellowship as we study the Bible together.

Contact: Jim Buffaloe,


New Horizons

The New Horizons Class meets at 11 a.m. and focuses on faith, fun, and a healthy amount of fellowship and support for each other. The class is largely composed of adults with children ranging in age from elementary school through college. We grow in our faith by discussing the Bible and studying different books and video series. Join us any Sunday to journey in faith together.

Contact: Marty Tallent,



The Visions Class shares in Bible study and group discussion using DVD-based lesson plans. We also study different people of the Bible and are currently using the Adult Bible studies of the United Methodist Church. All are Welcome to join at 11 a.m. as we grow in Faith together.

Contact: Carl McCarter,

Harry Beason,


Each week the Multipliers class takes a deep dive into both OId and New    Testament Scripture to understand its continued relevance to 21st century    Christians.  Anyone and everyone who has a desire for diligent study on Sunday mornings is welcome to join in our fellowship at 11 a.m.

Contact: Debbie Watson,

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